Italian Pizzeria(Da He Shop) 罗麦斯(大河店)

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0574-87372015
  • Address: No.383,Zhongshan Dong Road,Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波中山东路383号
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Italian Pizzeria 罗麦斯(南大店)

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0574-87308768
  • Address: No.145,Jiefang Nan Road, Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波解放南路145号
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Utama Malaysia Restaurant 旺达马 马来西亚餐厅

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0574-87235757
  • Address: No.36-38,Yuehu Shengyuan,Cangqiao Street,Haishu District,Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市海曙区仓桥街月湖盛园36-38号
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  • Rate: get 8% off
  • Phone: 0574-87624696
  • Address: No.336 Zhenming Road Haishu District ,Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市海曙区镇明路366号
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  • Rate: get 30% off
  • Phone: 0574-28905636
  • Address: Floor 2,Liansheng Center,NO,1288,Ningnan North Rd,Yinzhou,Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市鄞州宁南北路1288号联盛广场2楼
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Angelo's Angelo's 意大利西餐厅

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0574-87650656
  • Address: 3F Peacebird Home,36 Dong Du Rd,Haishu District,Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市海曙区东渡路36号太平鸟巢3楼
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Lead Life 蓝汀坊咖啡馆

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0574-89212177
  • Address: Building 2, CBD,No.789 Ri Li Middle Road, Silver Walk, Yinzhou District, Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市日丽中路789号南部商务区水街2号楼
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Beyond Mandarin Chinese Training & Culture Experience Center ( Yinzhou Campus ) 宁波必扬汉语学校(鄞州校区)

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0574-87686061
  • Address: Storefront A 107, Saide Square, No. 666 South Qian Hu Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市鄞州区钱湖南路666号赛德广场A107商铺
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Beyond Mandarin Chinese Training & Culture Experience Center ( Tianyi Campus ) 宁波必扬汉语学校(天一校区)

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0574-87686061
  • Address: A02, 23F, No. 181, East Zhongshan Road, Haishu District, Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市海曙区中山东路181号中农信国际商厦23楼A02室
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Doctor Jing Spa and Beauty Salon in Ningbo 宁波静博士美容养生馆

  • Rate: get 40% off
  • Phone: 0574-87346852
  • Address: 5F, Jinguang Departmenr Store, NO.279, East Zhongshan Road, Jiangdong District Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市江东区中山东路279号金光百货5楼
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Reno Fitness 宁波里诺国际健身俱乐部

  • Rate: Enjoy 20% off for membership fee
  • Phone: 0574-8908-8818
  • Address: 6F, Jinguang Shopping Mall, No.279 East Zhongshan Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市江东区中山东路279号金光百货6F
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Bowling Alley in Ningbo Mandarin Prospbrous Hotel 宁波文昌大酒店保龄球馆

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0574-87268668
  • Address: 4F, No.2 Wenchang Street, West Zhongshan Road, Haishu District, Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波海曙区中山西路文昌街2号4楼
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Bass Clef Bar 贝斯

  • Rate: get 15% off
  • Phone: 0574-87380286
  • Address: No.168 ZhongMa Road, LaowaiTan, Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波老外滩中马路168号
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CASA MAYA Mexican Restaurant 喀雅墨西哥西餐厅&酒吧

  • Rate: get 12% off
  • Phone: 0574-87039699
  • Address: No.39 YanShan Road LaoWaiTan
  • 鍦板潃: 老外滩羊山巷39号
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Borfinn Wines 勃斐酒业

  • Rate: Single unit purchase enjoys bulk buy rate (group buy price). Delivered to your door.
  • Phone: 0574-87258828
  • Address: Room 901 No.88-96 Baizhang East Road Ningbo
  • 鍦板潃: 宁波市百丈东路88-96号东城百汇901室
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