WON Buddy Card Application Form | All Discounters List

How do you want to pay for the WON Buddy Card?

i) Paypal account: credit@appletravel.cn
ii) Bank transfer:
> Payee:/收款人:厦门苹果林商务咨询有限公司
> Bank/开户行:建行厦门税保支行/China Construction Bank
> Account/帐号:4367 4219 3523 0033 414

Personal Information:




Contact Information




Conditions of Use:

  • WON Buddy Card must be signed by the member to validate its use
  • Member will receive a list of merchants assigned to provide discount
  • To receive discount from WON assigned merchants, this card must be presented upon request
  • This card remains the property of WON and should be returned to WON upon request
  • WON Buddy Card must be issued by an authorized staff and linked at www.whatsonningbo.com
  • WON Buddy Card may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion
  • WON Buddy Card is computer coded and is not transferable

WON reserves the right to discontinue this service with the WON Buddy Card user; no reason will be given, however, the member will be given notice

WON Buddy Card

WON Buddy Card is valid until 2018. The card can enjoy lots of benefits with its big and increasing discount network.

WON Buddy Card can be used at WON events, it can also be used to obtain discounts from WON accredited merchants.

List of Discounters

About the Charges

WON Buddy Card costs rmb200 in total - rmb150 is charged to the membership application plus 50rmb cost of a card.

i) WON member can use 50 member points to buy a WON card (originally 400 member points)

ii) WON member can also pay rmb50 to get a WON Card

iii) The joining fee of rmb150 is waived for now

Contact us

Email us sales@whatsonningbo.com

Mobile: +86-13616005330