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28 February 2017
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:: April - September 2012 -- Best Comments of The Season

#1 ( 20.99%)     University - a prison or a garden?

Universities should be a garden, and ‘must’ be for a certain extent. As being many countries' educational goal, and also be taken up by many scholars, life-long learning become a...

isabella f commented on 24 Jun 2012

#2 ( 17.90%)     Dr Anders Örtenblad top 15 motivators

When I wake up to find medias not reporting war, violence, perverts, drug, crimes, fatal accidents, stupid death-defying urban climbers, people suffering from strange diseases, dictator leading ...

nbgod commented on 22 May 2012

#3 ( 14.20%)     Do students need lecturers?

I do agree with you. Lecturers sometimes unconsciously lead students into a “machine” model of thinking. Students think of something that (most of the time) inside of the lecturer...

isabella commented on 29 Apr 2012

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Dr Anders Ortenblad Dr Anders Ortenblad is Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Director of Teaching Development at Nottingham University.
Dr Peter Morgan Dr. Peter Morgan, PhD Acting Director of Teaching Development.Visiting Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour.Nottingham University Business School China.
Donald Guadagni Mr. Donald Guadagni (唐文博/Tang Wenbo) is a foreign teacher at the International School of Ningbo City College. Born in the United States in 1959, Mr. Donald Guadagni's background includes Military, Police, Teaching, Policy, and Engineering.

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