How to gain power over other people

Updated: 2013-01-28
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There are many ways to gain power. There are, for instance, those ways which imply that other people’s power is decreased. Some such techniques are more invisible than others and can be used to diminish strong arguments:

1. To, almost invisibly, disturb the speaker so that the audience is not fully concentrated on what the speaker says (such as rattling with coins in your pocket)

2. To laugh contemptuously so that the speaker looses face

3. To avoid responding to the subject matter, while instead taking up anything else (such as how the other person is – inappropriately – dressed, how the arguments are put forward etc.).

But please don’t use this knowledge to gain power over other people. Use it instead to unmask other people when they use such techniques to gain power over you or people around you.

Have you ever experienced any of the power techniques that Anders takes up? Share your thoughts, below this article. 
About Author 
Dr Anders Örtenblad is associate professor in organisational behaviour at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China. He is director of teaching development at its business school, Nottingham University Business School China – a branch of one of Europe’s top-ranking business schools.
SOURCE: Dr Anders Örtenblad, Nottingham University Ningbo 
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