93 sex videos of Taiwanese pervert Justin Lee leaked online

Updated: 2012-08-29
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Netizens have slammed the police for being inefficient and leaking the videos   
More clips of disgraced Taiwanese heir Li Zongrui's sexual exploits have started circulating on the web, bringing the total number of videos to a staggering 93. After surrendering to the police on August 24, Zongrui has admitted to recording and saving a total of 27.5GB of videos and photos chronicling his sexual encounters.

He explained that his files were saved into 48 different folders, with each folder containing one to three videos and three nude photos. In total, he has 176 photos saved and his 93 videos amount to 883 minutes of footage.

Even though Zongrui has maintained that all the women in the videos were consenting adults, other reports have suggested that his modus operandi was to prowl nightclubs for potential prey before spiking their drinks and bringing them to his room. There, he would engage in intercourse with them, while a camera placed on a nearby surface, such as a computer table, would record the entire process.

As the total number of victims has risen to almost 50, it is said that there are those from the triads who are also hunting Zongrui down to 'teach him a lesson' on behalf of some of the women. The Taipei authorities have stressed that his safety will not be compromised as he is being held in a safe detention center.

The videos have been widely circulated since his surrender to the police, with numerous gossip sites and adult forums sharing the content. His videos and photos have also reportedly been shared via mobile phones and instant messaging platforms.

The police have been slammed for the leak of the photos, but have responded that those circulating are doctored and that actual content has not been compromised. This has raised the ire of citizens, reportedly calling these excuses. Veteran Taiwanese singer Emi Lee has also spoken out against the leak, expressing, 'The public service is too inefficient.'
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