23 April 2017

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Sourcing Specialist Looking for a job
Posted by sapphiresony on Jul 21,2015 10:34 Views: 1795

Sourcing Specialist,purchasing,Negotiation.inspection and sales, handle all import and export like your representative office .
Please send me email: kevin0574@126.com


2017-03-10 04:21:27
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2016-12-25 22:04:46
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2016-11-25 22:53:51
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2016-10-31 13:44:23
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2016-10-28 11:43:08
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2016-10-17 12:45:56
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2015-08-03 14:19:24
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2015-07-28 12:04:49
Hi Kevin, can you forward me details about the company?

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