23 April 2017

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Research QC Chemist Looking for a job
Posted by manisha.piya on Apr 13,2017 15:21 Views: 50


I am looking for a job as a QC Chemist. i am having a job experience of 1 year am am familiar with all the tools.

PH meter and Spectrophotometer.
Electronic Balances, Sonicators, Ovens
Maintaining all the Records as per cGMP Standards.
Responsible to handle equipments as per standard operating procedures.
Analysis of the In-process, Packing material and Raw Materials of Pharmaceutical products.
Sampling of active pharmaceutical ingredient.
Calibration of instruments. (Balance, PH meter).
Previewing of Quality Control SOP’s.
Responsible for daily usage log, equipment usage log calibration log.

 PH meter and Spectrophotometer. PH计和分光光度计
 高效液相色谱仪器,岛津技术
 电子平衡, 近距离声波定位器,烤箱
 按照GMP标准管理保存所有记录
 按照标准操作程序处理设备
 药品生产过程中的包装材料和原材料分析
 仪器校准(平衡计,PH计)
 查看质量控制操作规程
 负责日常仪器校准记录

please let me know if any job is available

you can contact me anytime


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