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Members News PAGE is for those who want to share events, news, happenings etc with others. As a single unit of news reporter, together, you can help WON to permeate into every corner of Ningbo and Zhejiang or beyond. Your news articles will help more members and readers to get better informed.
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  WON 2014 tables of rates for small advertisements Forrest 1682 31 Mar 14
  Winners for WON's Top 3 Best Comments of The Season Apr-Sep ... Tiger 1521 28 Jan 13
  Launching and use of WON Buddy Card Carmen 6349 06 Dec 11
  How to convert your WON member points into prizes Carmen 15653 19 Oct 11
  How to gain WON member points Susan 2184 12 Oct 11
  How to use Member's Page and Meet a Friend in Ningbo Celine 2510 31 Mar 11

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