Hangzhou air quality ranks 14th among 31 provincial capitals in China

Updated: 21 Apr 2012
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Hangzhou's air quality ranked fourteenth among China's 31 provincial capitals and municipalities, Beijing News reported.
The 2012 China Environment Green Paper was composed and published on April 19 by Friends of Nature, an environmental protection NGO.

The green paper analyzes China's serious polluting accidents of the last year, and concludes that usually after such accidents, no preventative actions were taken.

It was a delightful beginning that citizens in Beijing launched an action to monitor PM 2.5, leading to a non-government environmental protection campaign.

The president of Friends of Nature said it was absolutely necessary to change the temporary remedy situation and come up with a prevention-first administration mode. Public participation was likely to become the major power in improving the environment.

2011 China Provincial Capitals and Municipalities Environment Rankings
  1 Haikou
  2 Kunming
  3 Lhasa
  4 Guangzhou
  5 Fuzhou
  6 Nanning
  7 Guiyang
  8 Hohhot
  9 Nanchang
  10 Changchun
  11 Changsha
  12 Shanghai
  13 Yinchuan
  14 Hangzhou
  15 Shenyang
  16 Chongqing
  17 Tianjin
  18 Shijiazhuang
  19 Chengdu
  20 Nanjing
  21 Jinan
  22 Xining
  23 Harbin
  24 Zhengzhou
  25 Taiyuan
  26 Wuhan
  27 Xi'an
  28 Hefei
  29 Beijing
  30 Urumqi
  31 Lanzhou

(Rankings measured the days with first-grade and second-grade air quality in a year. Data are from air quality daily reports issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.)
SOURCE: China Daily
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