Tiantong National Forest Park: a phytoecology base in Ningbo

Updated: 13 Oct 2011
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Tiantong National Forest Park
The Tiantong National Forest Park, located in Taibai Mountains, 25 km from downtown Ningbo, covers an area of 334 hectares with green peaks rising one higher than the other. It is one of the three earliest forest park established in China. Temples, forests, fantastic stones, odd caves, sea of clouds and views of the sunset glow are the most remarkable attractions.

The park is also known as a science education base of phytoecology. It is the home of nearly 1,000 species of plants, including a large number of fine tree species, such as Henry emmenopterys, ginkgo trees, Henry ormosias and Tianmu Mountain lily magnolias, in addition to some rare medicinal herbs, such as five-leaf gynostemmas, glabrons sarcandras, fortune plumyews, many-leaf paris and diverse leaf jack in the pulpits. A total of 119 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines found here are included in the China Pharmacopoeia. Therefore it is regarded as a "natural botanical garden in east Zhejiang Province." 

The Three Passes are the most attractive places of interest which brings about the well-known ten sceneries in Tiantong National Forest Park.

Wansong Pass starts from Shaobai Hill and ends up in front of the Tiantong Temple with pine trees standing along both sides of the passway.

Tieshe Pass, also known as Shaobai Hill, has a tower called “Five Buddha Repressing the Python".It is said that in Huichang period of the Tang dynasty, an eminent monk in Tiantong Temple once used this tower to repress a noxious monster python.

Qing Pass is a bridge on the side of Wangong Pool outside Tiantong Temple. And it is famous for a distinctive landscape of snow geyser. 

There are many historic sites in Tiantong National Forest Park with profound culture connotation. The three famous monasteries Tiantong Temple, Asoka Temple, and Mitabha Temple are all situated in the park which is a rare phenomenon in China. They play a crucial role in Chinese Buddhist community. Plentiful rare plants can be traced in the park. Tiantong Forest Park is a destination of phytology encyclopaedia and a land purified by Buddha spirit.

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