The history of Zhenhai coastal defence

Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Located in the middle of the Chinese coast, Zhenhai lies at the estuary of the Yong River. As a part of Ningbo, it has been an important costal defence town for literally millenia. With more than 2,000 years of history in costal defence, it holds a wealth of popular and moving stories of struggle against foreign aggression. The history of Zhenhai coastal defence exists today as a precious record of these stories.
The history of Zhenhai costal defence is one that stretches back far into history. Based on presently-available information, the earliest stories date back to the Ming dynasty when the people of Zhenhai fought against Japanese invaders. In years following, there were fights against British invaders and French invaders in the Qing dynasty and the anti-Japanese war during the Republic of China period. To this day, these stories are still popular among Zhenhai people, storytellers and local students. These stories are also repeatedly told at the Zhenhai Coastal Defence History Museum.
These stories include Qi Jiguang and Yu Dayou fighting against Japanese invaders; Lin Zexu, Yu Qian and Ge Yunfei fighting against British invaders; Wu Jie, Ouyang Lijian, Liu Bingzhang and Xue Fucheng fighting against French invaders.
These tales of brave resistance are told even in other districts and counties of Ningbo and beyond.
The Culture Institute of Zhenhai County has organised several people who have collected more than 50 pieces of work and published over 30 papers in various periodicals since 1980. Today, there are many guides in Zhenhai Coastal History Museum telling these stories to those that visit.
SOURCE: Ningbo Focus
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