Taxmen targets Amsterdam's thriving sex industry, hookers to face tax bills

Lure: A window prostitute in the red-light district of Amsterdam waits for a passing customer   The taxman is homing in on Amsterdam's thriving sex industry, warning the city's prostitutes it is time they paid their share.   The country legalised the practice a decade ago, but it is only now getting around to looking at the sex workers who advertise themselves in shop windows in Amsterdam's red-light district.   'We began at the larger places, the brothels, so now we're moving on to the window landlords and the ladies,' said a spokeswoman for the country's

Stulang in Malaysian city of Johore Baru, awash with prostitutes from China

The flats in Stulang, Johor Baru, are reportedly turned into a red-light district due to sex workers from China who operate their business there. (image source: Guang Ming Daily)   A man eating alone in a coffeeshop are surrounded by a group of women from China. (image source: Guang Ming Daily)   Stulang assemblyman Mok Chek Hou responds to the issue. (image source: Guang Ming Daily)   Blocks of flats located in Stulang, Johor Baru has become a red-light district of sorts, no thanks to a large group of young women who arrived from China to become sex
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